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Get Started With The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

At its MAX 2010 worldwide conference in LA this week, Adobe will unveil its Digital Publishing Suite, a set of turnkey hosted services that will allow publishers to more easily create robust, interactive digital publications. AdExchanger’s 2nd annual Clean Ads I/ offers a platform to understand the current challenges of data and technology-driven marketing and a path forward for how we all can make the digital experiences of marketers and consumers cleaner, safer and better.

At the same time, tools can become more specialised, allowing for the more rapid development of new tools in specific areas, and allowing experienced practitioners to focus on one particular aspect of the craft of digital publishing and thus progress the status quo in that area.

In the coming months I look forward to thinking more deeply about the implications of digital publishing, and working with my colleagues in the Maker Lab, where projects—like Kits for Cultural History , Jon Johnson and Nina Belojevic’s circuit-bending work, and Jana Millar Usiskin’s Scalar book on Canadian poet Audrey Alexandra Brown—take innovative approaches to scholarship by highlighting material history in ways that hitherto remain relatively untapped.

I think the touch point idea that I look for when talking about turning a publishing business around is understanding how to create more valuable relationships and connect those in ways that will help the publisher make money through a wide variety of channels.

Richard Wynne will chair a panel session on CRediT, the fascinating taxonomy-based initiative which aims to better communicate the different contributor roles in research outputs, before handing over to Iain Hrynaszkiewicz and Paul Shannon, who will give us sessions on the practicalities of data publishing and versioning content.

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