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We encourage students to bring along their iPad devices to the training to test their output. The purpose of digital transformation planning is to develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses all key aspects of online publishing and to create a fully functional ecosystem in which the publisher, the readers, and the advertisers can all thrive.

Dr. Adoni points to almost a 100 Billion a year increase in sales at Amazon since Kindle eBook files were sold and he adds that almost none of that 100 Billion is going to authors or publishers as royalties, it’s being stolen by Amazon and they are experts at stealing money since they have paid almost no taxes in over 20 years of being a public company.

Given the distributed nature of digital work in the library, this practice also evolved because digital collections are maintained by the library’s central digital projects group, which is organizationally separate from the archives; they are viewed as independent entities that require maintenance and migration based on their technology platform.

They are also betting that instead of selling a printed textbook at, say, $75 to a school which then recycles it over several years to a number of students, they can make roughly the same amount of money by selling the same book in digital format directly to students each year.

Digital publishing allows companies to fully leverage today’s most advanced online tools, including search engine optimization, usage tracking and analysis, multimedia presentations, and social media such as Twitter, blogs, and business and personal¬†networks.

Melissa Schirmer, formerly Assistant to the Events Manager and Bookseller at Books of Wonder, is Assistant Production Editor, and Teresa Harris, previously Assistant Brand Manager at the Joester Loria Group, is Licensing and Brand Manager, Licensed Publishing.

ViewRanger’s 2016 Top Publisher Awards awards recognise excellence in digital route guide publishing; with the winners judged on the quality of their route guides, creative use of the unique opportunities digital publishing offers, clever use of ViewRanger’s software as part of an integrated campaign, and of course, popularity with outdoor enthusiasts.

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