Create Digital Magazines Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite And InDesign CS5.5

Digital Publishing

Adobe announced the inclusion of its Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition in the Creative Cloud some months ago, so it’s good to today finally have it become available. As digital publishing becomes a critical function for modern enterprises, sales and marketing professionals and executives seek to acquire the latest knowledge and best practices – and perhaps a glimpse into the future – at industry conferences and events.

InDesign started as a alternative to Quark’s own proprietary monopoly on digital content generation, but we are a decade removed from that squabble, and while ID is still a marvelous (if somewhat bloated) tool, it has long since become a mere cog in a strategy to find a category-killer with a large potential upside.

Also according to the tenets of micropublishing, digital magazine issues or books can be short and produced using free or very cheap software, so publishers don’t need to invest as much in design, distribution, or marketing, freeing up budgets for editorial.

Since May 2014, Amazon has forced the issue by using underhand negotiating tactics – it stands accused of deliberately disadvantaging Hachette books by removing the pre-order button, by disqualifying Hachette books from Amazon’s normal discount rates and so on. The outcome of this dispute will ultimately shape the future of publishing.

Whereas traditional publishing workflows are often built around bespoke XML formats, a new generation of technologists is discovering the flexibility of re-purposing web technologies for creating hybrid publications: available as websites, EPUBs and printable PDFs.

Every event has its own focus but no matter where and when you attend, it’s sure to be a game-changing experience exposing you to the latest advances and insights in a range of digital marketing areas, such as search marketing, customer experience, digital strategy, content marketing, and more.

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