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At Creative Folks, we get excited about making the business of communication easier. Knowing the likely volumes of product formats in each sales channel allows for the ability to research the most cost effective way to manufacture product to support those channels and therefore increases or maximizes product profitability and helps to re-engineer the infrastructure costs of the publishing house.

On the electronic publishing side, I had the pleasure to take an electronic publishing overview, a course dedicated entirely to building books in ePub, web development, and writing for the web; I even had the ability to develop my own coursework on Javascript in ebooks, coursework that was later adopted and adapted to be part of the college’s curriculum.

You can expect a vast selection of digital highlights including the Copa America Centenario, ATP World Tour, World Rally Championships, Ryder Cup, IAAF World Indoor Championships, The British Open Championship, UCI Road World Championship and many more.

There’s considerable speculation about how digital books may restructure the balance of power between authors and publishers, largely based on Stephen King’s experiments, but little mass-media discussion of how digital books are really likely to change the world for the consumer or for society as a whole.

Co-located with the Mobile Innovation Summit , the event will explore how companies can best improve revenue streams through digital publishing, use data to drive their content strategies, improve their organic content discovery through techniques like SEO and how to increase reach more generally.

At the end of Day 2, of the Digital Revenue Summit, you’ll hear from five niche media publishers in the field who are using the strategies we teach to achieve double-digit growth year-over-year and learn how they are deploying the concepts and techniques you’ve just learned, and which you can use to drive your own business success.

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