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Need to get your creatives up-to-speed on the hottest new platform for publishing? A three-day event dedicated to the monetization of digital content, the Digital Entertainment World Expo features more than 300 speakers and over 100 sessions, including panel discussions, networking receptions, conference sessions, and tons of action celebrating the visionary content creators and technology innovators creating engaging products and experiences.

Designed for marketers, marketing technologists, social marketers, content strategists, web content managers, content marketers, content creators and designers, business and technology strategists focused on customer experience and digital marketing.

But our experience has taught us that the traditional marketing techniques such as focus groups and surveys that companies tend to use will never get them where they want to go. When you want to become part of the customer’s workflow, you need a level of customer intimacy and detailed user needs that are not needed when producing printed materials—and simply will never be gathered from a focus group or by asking customers what they want.

Digital spaces are moving away from the traditional page-based model to a more interactive experience, and the rapidly changing landscape requires that everyone involved in the creation of digital spaces have an understanding of Information Architecture.

The Bodleian has several different approaches it takes when publishing titles: 1) doing a direct facsimile edition of an out-of-print book, 2) repackaging material in a new format, 3) publishing newly authored titles (that often use illustrations and source material from the collections), 4) gift-books to bring in a new audience of non-scholars.

Attendees will examine the strengths and weaknesses of different channels, including email and mobile, examine the challenges surrounding the use of video across channels and devices, and take a look at technology’s expanding role in facilitating, measuring, and optimizing cross-channel campaigns, all critical challenges in digital publishing today.

The cost of full-service VERTIQUL issue production including the custom publisher branded domain and digital editions platform with revenue generating capabilities beyond typical SAAS or in-house print-replica digital publishing software makes VERTIQUL a premium solution.

If you are considering moving from a PDF version of your member magazine to a highly engaging, interactive reading experience, but are worried about the added staff, budget and training that might be involved, attend this one-hour webinar to learn how your team can seamlessly get up and running with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Publishers may offer consumers the choice of existing print venues or appliances (or perhaps also a few specific software e-book readers) for digital works, and consumers will have to decide whether they are willing to accept these new marketplace offerings.

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