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See how you can use InDesign CS5 and the new Digital Publishing Platform from Adobe to add media-rich content and interactivity to a magazine, and then distribute it to a wide range of screens and devices. If you stubbornly provide only the health content you produce, you can’t and shouldn’t launch a health vertical,” DeRienzo said, noting that hyperlocal outlets like North Carolina Health News augment their own coverage by aggregating and cherry picking stories.

The first requirement might be called the digital publishing platform, which consists of the technologies needed to convert a traditional electronic document to vector-graphic, turning-page kind of document, to embed the document into a Web site or blog, and then to allow consumers to find, access and read the material.

Publishers will need to consider a revised workflow and content strategy, but ultimately in the digital sphere – if you’re thinking about editorial stories in terms of ‘monthly’, your days are probably numbered – the Grim PDF Reap-lica will get you eventually.

We may well see a market that embraces e-book readers for older materials transported into the digital environment and new works of authorship that wish to remain within the old genres, and also general purpose computers for access to works that are authored within the emerging inherently digital genres.

Authors are suggested to go with self publishing, only if they believe that they may take book promotion/ marketing on their own or else if they have enough fund which they can provide to self publishing companies for the same or else if they need books only for their personal circulation.

Timed subscription – A subscription model that allows users access to digital content for only a specific amount of time, and is typically used as a teaser to let potential subscribers experience the publication before they decide to purchase it. Access will expire once their time runs out.

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