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As more people use mobile devices to consume content, we’ve seen major growth in digital publishing platforms. Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite consists of several components that allow you to bring your InDesign layouts to life as applications on tablets that include the iPad, the Kindle Fire, Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy, and even the iPhone (though our focus throughout this chapter will be on tablet apps).

With so many different types of content available, the question plaguing information experts today isn’t what kind of content to create, but how to deliver it. With the continued popularity of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, the average consumer now has a variety of options to turn to besides their computer to get the latest piece of digital content.

There’s a whole community of digital nomads from all around the world who you may meet on a beach in Thailand or a hostel in Kyrgyzstan, many of whom work in technology, and all of whom are taking full advantage of a lifestyle that has only become possible in the past decade.

Their ebook pricing strategy was intended, at least in part, to slow the erosion of brick-and-mortar print book sales.(3) By preventing Amazon from discounting the Big Five’s ebooks at Amazon’s own expense, the Big Five could force the consumer prices of their ebooks artificially high — higher than what many consumers are willing to pay for digital books.

I’ve seen so many situations where the number of media has multiplied and the number of social channels has multiplied to the point where it becomes something similar to the game, Risk.” It is easy to start an initiative, but you have to leave staff and resources there to continue it. There is a real risk of being spread so thinly that you never gain the depth to have a capability that actually is distinguished.

Adobe DPS2015 is the next generation publishing platform that was built from the ground up. PubNub provided a solution that Adobe Digital Publishing could quickly and easily integrate with to enable change notification,” said William Liang, Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe.

The emergence of the Semantic Web and Linked Data environment provides new opportunities for communicating, sharing, and integrating scientific knowledge in digital formats that could overcome the limitations of the current print format, which is only suitable for reading by people.

Designed to enable attendees to keep pace with the digital media landscape, the Digital Innovators’ Summit touches on the latest tools and insights such as new or evolved platforms, new business models, innovation in journalism, trends in generating revenue, and more.

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