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There Are Now More Americans Working In Internet Publishing Than For Newspapers

There are 4 billion mobile phone users in the world – and in more developed countries users are migrating to smart phones at lightning fast speeds. Yet hundreds of writers have risen to defend Amazon too, some signing a petition that grandly claims that the company has granted more authors their independence than we’ve had at any other time in human history.” Behind the petition is one of self-publishing’s biggest stars, Hugh Howey.

Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) and the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) are collaborating to develop a panel discussion to be presented at the SSP 38th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, on June 1. Read More.

However, if you turn to the New York Times bestseller lists, or the Man Booker Prize winners, or mainstream convention fiction and nonfiction outside of these very specific topics or genres, then that’s about simply having great books offerings and making their device the one that you adopt to get your books on.

However, post the sudden surge in popularity of tablets and smartphones, the non-profit industry too has been challenges as their member base demands more sophisticated forms of content consumption as well as digital products, that are needed to be structured and monetized differently.

This paper explores the possibilities of this new environment for scientific publishing and reports the implementation of a prototype semantic publishing system, which publishes scientific articles in a paper print format and publishes the claims made in the conclusions of each article as structured triples using the Resource Description Framework format.

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