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The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is a powerful solution for designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, and companies of all sizes that want to create and distribute engaging content and publications for the iPad or a range of Android and other tablets. We loved the Digital Magazine Summit last year – check out our review of the day This is one we would recommend again: with an ‘unconference’ feel to it, the real movers and shakers in the industry gather to debate cutting-edge issues in converted stables (!) and look to the solutions in the year ahead.

But for those who delight in digital as part of the mix, AAP member publishers are adopting a variety of digital technologies to provide consumers with innovative ways to access, interact with and enjoy their textbooks, novels, journals and other works.

That means I am lagging way behind… On the other hand , I would love to know what has happened in the meantime with you James and with the people that have responded here – some were influenced by what they read and were planning to self publish … Thanks anyway , the article helped me a lot to understand what is going on in the world of publishing these days.

Octavo’s work with some of the great classics of publishing and intellectual history provides an excellent case study here; they had to go beyond simply imaging pages to also linking a parallel modern translation of the works to make them truly accessible and valueable to today’s general readers.

Looking towards the future, the survival of the publishing industry depends on the ability to accept changes because the emergence of mobile devices and internet connections is increasing & providing a wide range of easily accessible content that attract and hold our attention, the devaluation of books as a source of access to knowledge & entertainment and the rise in the number of consumers who are only prepared to pay very small amounts to access content.

My recent experience in digital publishing, in my roles – two of my many roles – as editor of Cinema Journal and as scriptwriter of My So-Called Secret Identity , suggests how far online content has come and how far it has to go; what it can do differently from traditional media, and where its perceived limitations lie.

The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice helps news enterprises to transform to digital news enterprises, adopt new technology advancements, deploy content management products and platforms, develop strategies for social media channels and mobile platforms, and deploy and manage solutions and platforms to meet the growing needs of the newsroom.

I want one!” The new device, she hoped, would put digital books in front of one hundred and twenty-five million people.” It would also create a competitor” for Amazon, she said—and provide publishers with leverage as they tried to raise the price of books above ten dollars.

Tracy will be one of many industry leading companies represented at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit this December 5-6 in San Francisco at the Intercontinental Hotel on Howard Street, an event which will bring together 150+ publishers, marketers, media execs and content experts.

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