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One issue for smaller publishers is that the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) was not cheap. The illustration I often use is Amazon vicious but lucrative bias against ebooks that cost over $9.99. Some books, textbooks and those with specialized and often professional markets such as nursing, need to charge more than $9.99 to recoup their costs.

There are pockets of sophisticated innovation in data publishing across the industry – from data visualisation to curation, citation and integration – but to engage the majority of the research community with data publishing, it may still be a case of going back to basics.

In May of 2008 The Gilbane Group made available for download a multi-client study called Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Growth, Trends, and Best Practices ,” co-written by noted Gilbane analysts (and colleagues of mine) Steve Paxhia and Bill Rosenblatt The well-researched data and numerous case studies make it plain that this is not some flash-in-the-pan phenomena, but a fast-growing aspect of both B-B and B-C magazine publishing today.

In October, Lettie Conrad was named North American Editor of Learned Publishing, a major international journal published by Wiley on behalf of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers and in collaboration with the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP).

Arizona State University’s (ASU) Center for Science and the Imagination is bringing together a team of science fiction authors, scholars, digital publishers, journalists, and technologists to write a book on the fly in 72 hours at the 2016 Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting.

Digital: With the increasing popularity of e-books, digital magazines, and device-specific content, the need for developing digital platforms for their dissemination and delivery to the end-user is an area that Spenta is able to address, and is already in discussions with international partners to provide this service.

Libraries entered into publishing activities in answer to the serials crisis” that hit them in the mid-nineties, when spiralling journal prices and static or declining acquisition budgets forced them to cancel journal subscriptions – whereas the literary production was constantly rising.

Other highlights of the conference were presentations from Jill Kidson , Head of Consumer Marketing at Walker Books and Laura Bijelic , Senior Consumer Insight Manager for Penguin Platform, both of whom stressed the importance of using audience/consumer insight to underpin new product development and marketing and publicity campaigns.