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Since the introduction of mobile tablet devices, the print industry has seen great potential in delivering rich-media content to its consumers. Existing subscriber login/entitlement – if you have existing subscribers entitled to free digital access, or wish to provide access to new subscribers you acquire directly, we can service these via an API link to your fulfilment database (whether this is in-house or via a subscription bureau).

From Phoenix, Arizona to Charlotte, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dallas, Texas, and more, including an online event, every sales and marketing professional and executive can find a TechMedia Digital Summit in a convenient location.

Four key infrastructural issues that I think emerge from a close look at contemporary approaches to (academic) digital publishing are: 1) the possibilities inherent in championing new forms of writing and new forms of argument; 2) the importance of engaging the relationships among rhetoric, design, and code; 3) the ability to imagine and test new models of peer review; and 4) technical and temporal challenges that editors and publishers must not ignore.

And along with the promise of new revenue opportunities comes the threat of the digital environment – massive, cheap, perfect duplication and nearly free and instant worldwide distribution of copies, the placement of tools more effective than any pirate operation had in the print world into the hands of any individual connected to the Internet.

Ad:tech New York will take place on November 4th and November 5th, 2016, bringing brands, agencies, publishers, and technology partners together to address key industry challenges and opportunities, share new ways of thinking, and build strong partnerships.

For example, all of our digital collections have their own catalog record and listing in Cornell’s Registry of Digital Collections (Figure 1) 10 ; in other words, they are treated as separate, or perhaps parallel, entities from the archival collections from which they were derived.

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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Introduction (2 Days £1,190, Plus VAT)

Adobe’s Digital Publishing suite has long offered a way for brands to publish content on tablets, but on Wednesday the company introduced a new generation of the software tweaked specifically to put such capabilities in the hands of ordinary business users. To be clear, innovative digital publishing will require scholarly authors to roll up our sleeves and dig our hands deeper into the web, particularly with easy-to-learn, open-source tools, including WordPress plugins such as CommentPress and PressBooks But the key principle is to collaborate with other academics, librarians, technologists, and editors, rather than fall into our traditional practices as solo authors of individual monographs.

To make things as speedy as possible you will need to apply up for an Apple Developer account as soon as possible (for an individual this can be instant, but a business application can take up to two weeks) and organise your branding elements (fonts, images, logo etc) to be sent to us. Don’t worry, we’ve got fact sheets to take you through these steps!

With DPS 2015, Adobe have developed a powerful tool for publishers, brands and agencies to create brand new content-based apps with individual articles, new revenue opportunities, custom issues, unique collections of articles, and more – all within a more engaging experience, encouraging higher engagement, increased user loyalty and a deeper brand connection.

In the same way that Google and others provide this kind of intelligence, Klopotek PPM (Product Planning and Management system) can use past sales, returns and profitability performance to apply Bayesian theory to accurately predict the future sales in the respective e-book channels, digital distribution channels, POD (Print on demand) and traditional print channels.

In the public mind ideas like copyright are arcane and fuzzy; legislation like the DMCA mostly unknown and esoteric; and furthermore, there’s a feeling that somehow books are different from ephemeral entertainment products like the movies and music that are the subject of so many current lawsuits.

The organizational changes reflect LAKANA’s strategy to attract proven technology leaders to oversee its growing business while strengthening its commitment to offering customers innovative technology and fully scalable multi-platform digital solutions that deliver enhanced content creation, management and monetization capabilities.

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ITunes is the world’s easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. If you’re interested in joining the design community to experience provocative speakers, local culture, professional development sessions, and face-to-face roundtables with your design heroes, then the AIGA Design Conference could be the place to be. At this conference, organized by the nation’s oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, you’ll be exposed to cutting-edge thinking and strategies that’ll help you stay at the forefront of the industry.

In the e-books area they have purchased both NuvoMedia and Softbook, two of the major startup companies developing e-book readers, and have licensed production of e-book readers to the consumer electronics firm Thomson (which markets under the RCA brand, and should not be confused with the Canadian media and information giant Thomson).

Eligible publications-including those that support established brands in magazine, newspaper, broadcast, B2B and other journalism, as well as those that serve their audiences exclusively as digital brands-is one with a permanent editorial staff in Canada and published in either English or French or a combination of both.

Two of the UK’s most popular National Parks, TV presenter Julia Bradbury, prestigious Alpine guidebook publisher Rother Wanderführer, Italian cycling organisation Bici Club Sibillini, and Armenia’s mountainous Janapar Trail were among the ten winners selected by ViewRanger – a free app that hosts content from more than 600 professional publishing partners and thousands of local outdoor experts around the world.

We are hiring more staff with digital skills (software product managers, technical product managers, engineers, Q/A, learning design, instructional design, data scientists, educational researchers, efficacy specialists, etc.) over more traditional editorial roles.

The Center for Open Electronic Publishing, a french initiative for open access publishing in humanities and social sciences, has recently developed a new economic model based on freemium” for its full open access journals and books series, in order to address two issues: improve their economical soundness and give them more visibility in libraries.