The Evolution Of Brands Into Media Companies In A Content


Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) really gets me. It knows that I want to take my words and images and share them with the world, but I don’t want to be bogged down with coding. The Experiential Marketing Summit is about using live experiences to amplify reach, convert customers, and drive sales.” It’s the world’s largest conference on experiential marketing, bringing more than 1,500 leading marketers together for more than 80 sessions taught by over 40 brand-side marketers hailing from companies like YouTube, Target, Under Armour, Bacardi, and more.

In order to provide just a glimpse of the complex history of rich media and to extend the definition sketched above, I’ll briefly discuss some technologies, ideas, and particular moments that contributed to the development of such notion in the field of digital publishing.

TechMedia hosts dozens of digital marketing events throughout the year, bringing together thousands of digital leaders and practitioners to discuss digital strategies, content marketing, analytics, search, emerging technologies, social media, email marketing, and more.

From core services to digital experience management, email and cross-channel marketing, marketing analytics, marketing innovations, mobile engagement, personalization and optimization, and programmatic advertising, attendees learn how to combine creativity, content, and data to create amazing customer experiences.

Companies sponsoring and exhibiting at TOC 2010 presently include Ingram, iPublish Central, Innodata Isogen, Adobe, Aptara, Connotate, Malloy, Jacquette Consulting, Silverchair, Vitrium Systems, Smashwords, Digital Divide Data, Easy Press, Scientific Publishing, Typefi, and The Media Services Group.

With digital publishing platforms becoming increasingly popular, journalists are increasingly expected to be able to do everything from writing a story for print through to interviewing people on camera, which makes for a no two days are the same” job that can be very exciting.

Because of this increased complexity, I think that digital publishing tends to support more collaborative work that brings together experts in designing and writing through different media — and as such collaborative work becomes commonplace, perhaps it can be appropriately valued in those fields and disciplines that still operate on the fiction that knowledge making is a solitary, individual endeavor.

The AdMonsters Publisher Forum aims to define the future of digital media, offering 3.5 days of discovery and disclosure, keynote presentations from industry leaders, small group breakout sessions covering a variety of ad op current topics, and much more.

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