The State Of Digital Publishing

Defining Digital Scholarship

Publishers have been trying out digital magazine publishing software during the past few years in hopes of creating the best digital products for their audiences. Finally, you should note that although you can set your app to be either paid-for or free in the App Store, DPS Single Edition doesn’t support in-app purchases, where the other editions do. This means that you can’t sell premium content in your app without upgrading to one of the other editions.

In the eight years since the publication of Ball’s article, opportunities for digital scholarship have increased; however, significant roadblocks to this work still exist including lack of peer-reviewed publication venues and tenure and promotion guidelines that privilege print publications and scholarship over the digital.

To make matters more confusing, at the same time that we’ve seen the emergence of book-reading appliances, we’ve also seen the introduction of general purpose software book readers that run on general purpose computers and that address the same functions of downloading and displaying books – products like Microsoft Reader and the newest Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader.

In 2011, Pulse MediaTech Limited (PMT) has been awarded the winners of ‘New Media & Entertainment’ and ‘Start-up Company’ for its ‘JM Digital Publishing Platform’ at the 11th International Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards Presentation held in Pattaya, Thailand on 11th November.

From blended learning platforms and learning management systems for the ‘flipped classroom’ to award-winning smartphone apps, and from digital course books to online resources and workbooks, we offer something for everyone, whatever their desired learning outcomes.

One great advantages of using HTML for your digital publication is that it is instantly available to anyone who wants to view your publication, as it is displayed right in the browser; the same program as they used to browse your website and click on the link to your digital publication.

Lifestyle publishing categories such as home, family, health and personal development are the fastest-growing segments of book publishing today, and the Living Now Book Awards help demonstrate the importance of these books to readers and their vitality in the marketplace.

Developed in partnership by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and Faber and Faber Ltd, Drama Online features the pre-eminent drama titles from the Methuen Drama, Arden Shakespeare and Faber lists, to form a collection of the most studied, performed and critically acclaimed plays from the last two and a half thousand years.

The sensible response from the Big Five publishers – Penguin Random House, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster – to the threat from Amazon would be to jointly develop their own competing digital platform and then to set wholesale prices for their books.

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