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Twipe transforms your content into a great reading experience on mobile devices and web browsers. The subject explores a range of challenges and opportunities relating to digital publishing for apps and devices, including interactive magazines for tablets, location aware technologies and apps, narrative in networked and app formats, branded digital publications and emerging formats and approaches; as well as technical issues and challenges relating to publishing and distributing for app and devices.

Do-it-yourself PDF transition or digital only publication build app capability means that marketers can also use these tools for specialty publications, marketing brochures, reports and other presentations greatly expanding the market for a monthly recurring pricing model.

The platform also represents a potential threat to startups like Kno, which just yesterday announced Advance,” a new platform that allows publishers and authors to turn their content (PDFs and flat files, etc.) and assessments into interactive digital eBooks for free.

When a reader finds your website and wants to view your digital publication and you only have it as an app, they will have to go to the ‘app store’ for their device, download your app, then download the magazine or digital publication they were looking for.

Students pursuing doctoral studies with us are investigating such topics as girls’ magazines in the cultural and consumer marketplace, the future of university libraries, German publishing in the First World War, and marketing strategies for children’s literature in the Middle East.

The way that brands and agencies buy their digital media is changing, and the Programmatic Insider Summit aims to offer key insights to digital marketers as to the place of these systems in their marketing mix, how to integrate these systems with their existing infrastructure, and the impact of new forces, such as consumer ad blocking and publisher-driven header bidding on inventory, audience reach, and pricing.

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