What Is Digital Content?

Digital Publishing Accessibility API Mappings

Publishing any piece of media information via online portals such as magazines and newspapers has become a common trend. Established by Publishers Lunch and ‘s Michael Cader and leading industry consultant Mike Shatzkin, book publishing veterans well known for explaining, analyzing and chronicling digital change in the industry, Publishers Launch, working in conjunction with Digital Book World and other well-established publishing events and professional organizations, helps publishing professionals worldwide navigate the digital transition and seize its opportunities.

The Digital Publishing Awards program is looking for Canada’s best digital content creators, designers, innovators and publishers, with awards in 14 categories for feature writing, news coverage, blogging, visual storytelling, video, podcast, multiplatform publishing, design and more.

Digital Publishing 2.0 technology delivers a full-color, interactive multimedia experience through larger, more sophisticated displays in which consumers explore content (whether books, magazines, newspapers, product catalogs, advertisements, or other material) through clickable videos, sound files, and other interactive functionality.

Interact is the premiere gathering of Europe’s digital advertising industry, where leaders advertisers, industry experts, agencies and media owners come together to celebrate the achievements of the industry, analyse emerging business and technology trends, and reflect together on the challenges for the coming year and how best to address them.

Staying up-to-date with the state of search marketing is critical for any professional in a role related to digital publishing, and the State of Search Conference is just the event to bring you up-to-the-minute with the latest trends and insights in the search industry.

Ingram ties together superior digital distribution technology with one of the world’s largest ebook distribution networks—all in one place—making it simple for you to reach a bigger global audience and sell more ebooks, digital textbooks, audiobooks you get it.

With true publish once and read anywhere” technology available from the PDF to HTML5, or PDF to iPad conversion, you’ll have industry leading digital brochures, online catalogues, digital magazines and online newspapers running faster and more robustly than you thought possible.

That’s why Quark provides you with choices in software to give you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business — brand, application, and budget — whether you’re a self-employed designer or a global organization with internal and external contributors, and in an enterprise publishing environment.

Yet somehow the move to digital publishing has brought with it frequent expectations of profitability and self-sustainability that were not part of the print model of scholarship; the scaffolding of subsidized support has been pulled from beneath the scholar at the time of greatest need.

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